Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping and Customer Relationship Analysis

Plus analyzes customer experience and the shopping experience using mystery shopping expertise to improve service levels at the point of sale.


Mystery shopping is employed to analyze customers’ shopping experience and to improve service levels in stores.
Changes in trends and customer buying behaviors require companies to continuously refine their efforts not only to meet current expectations but to anticipate future needs. The objective is to inspire and strengthen customers’ trust with ever higher levels of service.

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Clients Served

Mystery Visits

Mystery Shopping


The mystery shopper creates real or simulated situations to evaluate the behavior, problem-solving abilities and sales skills of store employees at the time of the mystery shopping visit.
Plus carries out qualitative analyses using an extensive network of mystery shoppers throughout Europe with over 25 years experience in sectors including luxury goods, clothing, footwear, perfumeries, sporting goods, large-scale distribution, supermarkets, hypermarkets, car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, furniture stores, electronics, furnishing accessories, eyewear and others.

The Mystery Shopper is selected based on the client company’s customer profile or according to its specific needs and is then properly trained on the various criteria to be verified during the visits. The criteria are evaluated on the basis of parameters previously defined with the client that will be used to analyze service levels provided and store staff expertise.
Our method guarantees very high quality data and an immediate and effective analysis of collected information. Advantages that distinguish us from competitors in the industry.

Evaluation Areas


  • Point of sale conditions
  • Staff presentation and behavior
  • Levels of knowledge and professional competence
  • Problem solving skills
  • Effectiveness in selling and suggestion of additional purchases
  • Listening skills, empathy, kindness and approachability
  • Adherence to corporate philosophy
  • Workplace atmosphere




Our Analyses


  • Mystery Shopper Web with visits to online stores or e-commerce portals including purchases and returns
  • Mystery Shopping Check-up to verify handling of telephone and email contact with customers
  • Mystery Shopper in-store visits
  • Mystery Bonus Visits with real purchases to develop a reward system for staff who excel in customer service
  • In-store customer observation
  • Competitor observation and benchmarking

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