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Plus Hospitality
The ultimate judge of a company's products and services is the client. At Plus, by employing a new generation of mystery guest evaluation techniques and analyses, we're able to provide you with a detailed understanding of exactly how clients perceive and judge your products and services. We know how to measure the value of satisfaction.

At Plus we've mastered how to evaluate customer experience and satisfaction. Our Mystery Guest evaluations are conducted by professionals skilled at verifying all of the technical components of hospitality sector services. We conduct qualitative analyses using a capillary network of mystery guests throughout Europe that, over twenty years, has developed experience with key hospitality sectors including: hotels, luxury accommodations, restaurants, bars, fast food, amusement parks, ice cream parlors and others.

Why employ our Mystery Guest Analysis services:

  • Objective comparison of services promised and those actually delivered
  • Performance monitoring and measurement of both location and individual staff
  • Acquisition of confidence guarantee quality of both hospitality and specific services
  • Ability to manage staff / location monitoring and customer complaints
  • Increase competitive advantages
  • More precise understanding of clients' needs and preferences
  • Incremental increases in performance
  • Incremental increases to revenue
  • Ability to preempt potential service problems

Typical Evaluation Points:

  • Greeting and reception Booking (telephone, email, online, travel agency, etc.)
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Lodging units Food and beverage (bar & restaurant)
  • Amenity services (fitness center, pool, gym, beach, meeting rooms, etc.)
  • Analyses conducted by real clients operating as mystery guests provide accurate and objective perceptions of services and products.
  • A team of multi-lingual consultants and professionals monitor online reviews, both positive and negative.
  • Analysis of the client's brand reputation and of relevant word-of-mouth impacts.

Our Mystery Guest Analyses

  • Qualitative check-up on telephone and email response
  • Reservation and actual visit experience evaluations
  • Experience satisfaction evaluation of food service consumption (bar, pizzeria, gelateria, fast food, etc.)
  • Entertainment experience satisfaction evaluation for visits to amusement parks, spas, fitness centers, gyms, etc.
Member Mystery Shopping Providers Association Europe
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